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on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning

Czech Republic, Ostrava | 2-6 September, 2024

World Multidisciplinary Congress on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning

WMCCAU presents a new and interesting discussion forum for experts, enthusiasts and emerging scientists from the fields of construction, architecture and urban planning from all over the world.

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the official website of the World Multidisciplinary Congress on Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Urban Planning (WMCCAU)!

The WMCCAU represents a new and exciting discussion forum for professionals, enthusiasts, and emerging scientists in the fields of construction, architecture, and spatial planning from around the world.

The Congress focuses on a multidisciplinary approach that combines innovative ideas and approaches in the aforementioned and related fields. It aims to create an environment for discussion about the latest trends, solutions, and challenges in these areas and to seek inspiration for the future.

WMCCAU strives to bring new perspectives and showcase best practices in civil engineering, architecture, and urbanism. It will be an honor to welcome experts, scientists, academic staff, doctoral candidates, and students who will collectively contribute to discussions, present research findings, and exchange knowledge.

WMCCAU will be a platform where you can connect with colleagues from the industry and establish new contacts that will advance your professional development. The presented contributions will guide you through the latest technological advances, design trends, and innovations in sustainable development.

We are committed to creating a dynamic environment where professionals and enthusiasts from around the world can share their insights, experiences, and knowledge in construction, architecture, spatial planning, and other related fields. In addition, the Congress aims to provide a unique opportunity for emerging researchers to present their work and engage in meaningful discussions with global experts in these scientific areas.

All accepted papers from the WMCCAU 2024 Congress will be published in the conference proceedings and indexed in prestigious databases such as SCOPUS, and the Web of Science.

I would like to cordially invite you to participate and join the World Multidisciplinary Congress on Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Urban Planning (WMCCAU), which will be held in the interesting environment of Ostrava with its world-renowned industrial architecture, specifically within the facilities of the VSB – Technical University of Ostrava. Your participation, knowledge, and valuable contributions will significantly enhance the prestige of this event.


Prof. Dr. Marian Marschalko
President of WMCCAU



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